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Read on below to discover how you can significantly lower your cost base with BetterCloud Services like SIP migration and ACCELERATE
​​Accelerate Your Digital Journey
BetterCloud maximise customer return on investments at each and every opportunity, this can be illustrated through our 'Digital Accelerator' Programme which includes optional legacy IT maintenance support transfer for a discounted price.

 BetterCloud Digital Accelerator Programme
  • Optional takeover of existing Support Services under a discounted Single Supplier status  
  • Needs analysis to establish redundant fees on lines and equipment and enhance current LAN/PSTN Connectivity
  • ISDN migration to SIP trunking  for instant guaranteed savings
  • Legacy Pbx (supplier/support consolidation)  to Cloud UCaaS
  • Enhanced Contact Centre operations, both technology and process (inc low cost compliant PCI)
  • Full Business Value Assessment Report which highlights operational cost savings and opportunities to improve productivity and customer service
  • Quarterly Joint Innovation Partnership reviews of the above

 The 5 major benefits of migrating from ISDN to SIP for PSTN site access​​
  • Cost Savings - transitioning your ageing ISDN circuits to SIP for PSTN access will guarantee savings on Line Rental and Call Costs
  • Business Continuity - as your lines are completely independent of your locations you can instantly respond to incidents using the web portal to change number termination across your sites
  • Stable, Scalable and Resilient - SIP is an extremely stable technology and is highly scalable, and with the ability to respond to any situation rapidly, you can be sure your calls will keep flowing across your business
  • Flexibility - SIP supports rapid flex up and down of lines depending on your business demands and with geoghraphic number retention, allows you to move office literally anywhere without expensive forwarding costs
  • Cloud based Services - as communication has shifted to IP, SIP is the perfect conduit to harness the full features, capabilities and benefits of Cloud Services

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Free Audit - Get Money Due back to You
For many years Service Providers in the UK and Europe have been overcharging or charging for some services which have been ceased. This applies for many services but in particular those customers with ISDN, PSTN, WAN and Mobile Services.

We have cases where £100,000's have been repaid, and its growing.

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